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Funding Criteria

Limited or Non-cashflowing 
Time Sensitive Closings
Condo Inventory
Bank Turndowns
Blanket Loans
Resolve Trouble Loans
Vacant Properties
Owner Occupied
Discounted Note Payoffs
Note Acquisition Financing
Partner Restructuring
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Specialty Real Estate Finance

Knighthead Funding, LLC is a real estate finance company specializing in bridge loans and other alternative debt financing to meet capital needs in a variety of unique lending situations. 

Loan Amounts: Up to $25mm (larger amounts available case-by-case)
Transaction Types: First mortgage, Blanket mortgages, 2nd Mortgages, Mezzanine
Geography: East Coast and other national markets
Property Types: Most Commercial and Investment Residential Property Types
Loan to Value: Up to 75%
Loan Terms: Up to 36 months
Rates: Starting at 7.5% Interest Only
Origination Fee: Starting at 1%
Closing: As quickly as 2 weeks
Prepayment: No Prepayment Penalties can be structured

The above criteria are only guidelines and can be changed at any time without notice. Knighthead Realty Capital Management, LLC may modify its investment approach and any portfolio parameters set forth herein at any time in any manner which it believes is consistent with its overall investment objective without notice to investors. Each situation is evaluated individually by Knighthead Funding, LLC, subject to its due diligence. Not all loans are available in all jurisdictions. Knighthead Funding assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions herein. Any information regarding products and programs of Knighthead Funding are provided only for general informational purposes and do not constitute (i) an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any Knighthead Funding products or programs, or (ii) a representation that any Knighthead Funding products or programs are suitable for you.

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